Since years, our team projects and produces industrial refrigerating systems.

Started with a small group of people, we can count on a worldwide sales network.

Our brand is known all over the world thanks to the variety and flexible range of products.

Our solutions can be both hand-listed and custom-made, to fully meet our customers requests.

Our range of refrigerating units are:
• Variety of applications.
• Wide choice of models for each series.
• Use of high quality materials and components.
• Attention to manufacturing and testing.
• Special care to the development of new technical solutions, to the use of new materials, as well as to the compliance with European standards.

This makes our products reliable, safe and, above all, the right solution to all your requirements.

It will be extremely easy for you to find the best solution that will suit you best having all these available options:
• Wall-mounted (either through-the-wall or straddle-type), roof-mounted, split type or bi-block units.
• Hermetic or semi-hermetic compressor, screw compressor or scroll compressor.
• Air-cooled or water-cooled condenser.
• Gas expansion by means of capillary tube or thermal expansion valve.
• Electromechanical or electronic control, either built-in or
on a remote control panel.
• Defrost system by air, hot gas or electric heaters.
• Direct drainage of condensate or self water evaporation in a
specific tray.

Our units are built with a frame made either of epoxy powder painted steel sheet protected against corrosion or plastic-coated steel sheet.

The high efficiency of our units is due to the carefully sized heat exchange surface of their finned copper/ aluminium condenser and evaporator coils.


The Technoblock production is certified concernig PED directive (“Pressure Equipment Directive” – 97/23/EC), the European requirement that imposes requirements for design, production and testing for pressure equipments, whose purpose is to ensure uniform standards among the EU countries for the development of safe products.


We have a full control over our production systems, and we committed to the highest level to minimize energy consumption and reduce the environmental impact of its activities.

Our own products, manufactured following the highest standards of production and using new technologies aimed at limiting consumption, allow a considerable saving of energy and the concrete respect of environment, with the continuous development and realization of low pollution impact.