Unifor fins spacing: 6÷22 mm

Capacity SC2 (∆Ti 8°K): 2,25÷67,50 kW

Surface: 1,4÷66,0 m²

Wall H: 200÷1.200 mm | L: 700÷3.100 mm | D: 150 mm
Roof H: 200÷1.200 mm| L: 700÷3.100 mm | D: 150 mm


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Industrial refrigeration unit manufactured usin.g Ø 5/8″ copper tube aluminium fins, ceiling or wall mounted.

Construction characteristics:

• Coil manufactured with copper tube 5/8 Ø” and aluminum fins with 16 mm spacing;

• The adoption of thermostatic valve with external equalizer is suggested;

• At call drip flap to ceiling or wall, electrical defrost.