Medium temperature: -5°÷+5°C | Low temperature: -25÷-18°C
Multi-purpose temperature: -25÷+5°C | Freezing: -45÷-25°C

Power: 1,55÷41,02 kW

Mounting wall buffer

R404A | R449A

H: 680÷1020 mm | L: 925÷1900 mm | D: 1460÷2200 mm


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The models of the ID series are monoblock chiller system for cold room characterized by a wide range of uses and suitable for medium-large rooms for industrial use.

The series includes 12 models: IDNH, IDNNH, IDNS and IDNNS for medium temperatures (from -5° to +5°, room volume from 20 to 700m³), IDKH, IDKS and IDKNS for low temperatures (from -18° to -25°, room volume from 15 to 900m³) and IDXB and IDXN for freezing systems (from -45° to -25°).

The series also includes the IDQH, IDQS and IDQN models in the multi-purpose version for operating temperatures from 5° to -25° (room volume from 15 to 900m³).

All models are built around a solid monoblock structure that includes condensing and evaporating units.

The resistant steel sheet body protects an efficient and reliable refrigeration system: the standard equipment includes the hermetic, semi-hermetic or two-stage semi-hermetic compressor for freezing temperature models, the condenser equipped with 1 or 2 fans with control pressure switch and the thermostatic valve for the refrigerant expansion stage.

The cooling power range, from 1.7 to over 35kW, contributes to increasing the versatility of use of this monoblock, which is able to meet a wide range of user requirements.

The evaporating unit is equipped with 1 or 2 fans depending on the model.

The ID standard equipment includes the solid body filter on the liquid line, liquid line indicator and solenoid, the liquid receiver equipped with a safety valve and the coaxial heat exchanger.

Defrosting is electrical, while the condensation water is discharged outside the room.

Quick and easy installation consists of a single hole in the wall where the evaporating unit is located, leaving the rest of the monoblock outside, avoiding reductions to the internal volume of the room.

The unit’s buffer mounting kit is included in the equipment.

The ID functions are controlled in a centralized way using an electronic control system whose settings can be customized directly from a remote panel on the wall (max 5m).

One side of the body is provided with the protection door of the alarm module and of the manual safety switches, which means that you can always control the unit’s operation directly, confirming the quality of a solid and efficient refrigerating machine designed to meet a wide range of requirements.

For a detailed view of the options available for this series, please refer to the videocatalogue.