SV Pro


Medium temperature: -5÷+5°C | Low temperature: -25÷-18°C

Power: 0,94÷4,66 kW

Wall mounting


H: 506÷652 mm | L: 620÷1300 mm | D: 719÷1044 mm


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The models of the SV propane series are monoblock units loaded with propane refrigerant r290, characterized by versatility of use and by a low-profile evaporating unit, suitable for anyone who is looking for a type of ceiling installation in small-medium rooms for commercial use.

The series is divided into 2 models: SVN for medium temperatures (from -5°C to +10°C, maximum room volume 118 m³) and SVK for low temperatures (from -15°C to -25°C, maximum room volume 40 m³).

The AS models are offered in two versions: air cooling and water cooling.

All SV models are built around a solid and functional steel structure whose particular design allows the evaporator, contained in 1 thermally insulated box connected to the above condensing unit, to protrude only slightly making it extremely thin.

The body protects the efficient refrigeration system consisting in its basic elements of the hermetic compressor, the condenser equipped with a 4-pole fan with associated pressure switch for the most powerful models, and a capillary refrigerant expansion stage.

The cooling power range of the series varies from 0.6 to 8.5 kW ensuring great versatility of use for the SV units.

Quick and easy to carry out, the buffer installation consists of 1 single hole in the ceiling where the evaporating part, equipped with 1-2 or 3 fans, takes position, leaving outside the rest of the monoblock structure which needs suitable protections against atmospheric effects in case of installation in an external environment.

The standard equipment includes the liquid separator and accumulator, dehydrating filter, adjustable minimum and maximum pressure switches with automatic reset, pre-heating resistance and double defrost solenoid for the largest SVN and SVK units.

The defrosting process is of hot gas type and all models are equipped with a basin for collecting the condensation water.

The SV units are also equipped with an electronic control unit with associated phase sequence relay to guarantee a centralized and correct machine operation with the ability to customize the temperature control, the defrost parameters and fan operation.

The operating parameters of the control unit can be consulted and set via the user-friendly remote control panel on the wall (max 5m) which allows the user to further control the light and the micro-port inside the room.

An electrical panel with protective fuses on the side of the body ensures the manual control of the unit.

The SV units are delivered loaded with refrigerant and complete with power cables, light and micro-port (max 5m) completing the profile of a versatile, non-bulky and ecological refrigerant machine.