Medium temperature: -5÷+5°C | Low temperature: -25÷-18°C

Power: 0,98÷9,36 kW

Mounting buffer

R134a | R452A

H: 695÷890 mm | L: 537÷1852 mm | D: 825÷1240 mm


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VH series, monoblock chiller units, designed for preserving fresh products in small-medium sized rooms for commercial use.

The series is divided into 2 models: VHL for medium temperatures (from -5°C to +5°C, maximum room volume 209 m³) and VHV for low temperatures (from -25°C to -18°C, maximum room volume 211 m³).

The cooling power range from 0.82 kW to 13.3 kW allows the series to meet multiple user’s requirements, making it extremely versatile.

The VH units are special refrigerating machines for external installation: the ABS or painted sheet metal body is built to avoid rain water infiltration in case of unit’s stop allowing the use of these groups outside without any particular protection against atmospheric effects.

Extremely solid and effective, the bodywork protects a powerful and safe refrigeration system, equipped with a hermetic compressor and capillary expansion stage, while the condenser, integrated in the monoblock together with the evaporator, is equipped with 1 or more 4-pole fans complete with pressure switch of the fan.

The standard equipment of the VH models includes a liquid separator and accumulator which is complete with a dehydrating filter, a 100 mm or 120 mm buffer, double maximum and minimum calibration pressure switch with automatic reset and a pre-heating resistance useful to ensure a correct operation following the external installation of the unit.

The internal components are completed by the multiple hot gas defrosting system provided with a double solenoid and the collection basin for the condensation water produced by the evaporation stage.

The VHV units are equipped with a suction pressure regulating valve, while only the VHV61000-5800-4500 and 4450 models are equipped with a thermostatic speed variator for the fans.

The evaporating part, integrated in the monoblock, is located inside the room following the buffer installation on the wall.

The type of Quick and easy installation consists of 1 single hole for housing the machine, leaving the condensing part outside.

The constructive solutions of the VH allow an extreme rapidity in the electrical connection of the machine, the presence of the external power plug, which is supplied with the cables for the light (1m) and the micro-port of the room.

The control and setting of the unit is simple and intuitive through the electric or electro-mechanical control panel protected by a door with key lock.

The panel equipped with protection fuses (including the main switch, the temperature indicator associated with the internal control electric thermostat, the manual defrost button, the pre-heating switch and the power light) allows the user to have a timely control of the VH’s activities throughout the journey and to be able to customize the operation without having to enter the room.