Natural Refrigerants at the Host: we shows up in green

From 18 to 22 October we participates in the Host, stand Q12 R11 inside hall 2 Bread, Pizza and Pasta at the Milan Rho fairgrounds.

The biennial event attracts more than 187,000 professional operators from the restaurant, GDO,, furniture, design, services and many more sectors to the city of Milan.

An international event that allows visitors to touch the products that in the near future will revolutionize our idea of hospitality.

State-of-the-art technology and attention to the environment are and will be the cross-sectional elements that exhibitors will try to combine in this and upcoming trade fairs.

As refrigeration operators, we at Technoblock have also committed resources and efforts to minimize energy consumption and reduce the environmental impact of our activities.

Constant and targeted investments have enabled our engineers to design the new propane units (C3H8) following the highest production standards with technologies dedicated to reducing consumption and saving energy. 

Pursuing the global logic of the sector, oriented towards low GWP natural refrigerants, our units at R290, R407H and R452A for commercial use represent efficiency and effectiveness in respecting the environment, a prelude to the continuous development and implementation of low-impact polluting solutions undertaken by Technoblock.

Why Milan and the Host?

The evolutions of our sector intersect to the complex European political scenario within which, Milan is quickly equipping itself with the necessary structures to seriously candidates as reference cities for the Italian and continental future.

The Pane-Pizza and Pasta pavilion at the Host fair is thus the ideal stage to offer you a first approach to Technoblock’s natural refrigerants units, among which, we trust, you will find the right product for your business and for the environment.