Freezing: -30÷-45°C

Power: 50,00÷130,00 kW

On the ground mounting




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The models of the UA-V series are screw chiller compression units equipped with screw compressors, designed to be part of freezing systems for commercial and industrial use.

The series includes the UAX models which can achieve a temperature range from -30° to -45° C, with power consumption range from 50 to 130 kW.

The power range covered varies from 30 to 140 kW in the largest models, with the option to compartmentalize capacity during operation.

The UA-V units are built around a sturdy base in welded sections which is provided with the semi-hermetic compressor equipped with anti-vibration tubes, the liquid receiver complete with inlet and outlet taps and safety valve, and the oil separator equipped with resistance, thermostat and oil level control.

All units in the series are equipped with a module for motor control and with a module for oil control.

The main feature of the UA-V units is the presence of the Bitzer-branded screw compressor: equipped with 2 capacity reduction steps, this type of compressor allows the suction point to be set by varying the compression level and the power supplied for an increase in flexibility and efficiency during machine operation.

The standard equipment also includes:
– filter, liquid indicator and tap on the liquid line;

– liquid separator, filter and tap on the suction line;
– check valve on the delivery line;
– filter, flow switch, indicator and solenoid valve controlled by thermostat with associated probe on the oil line.

The equipment is completed by the air-supplied oil cooler with motor fan controlled by electronic thermostat, the economizer system equipped with plate heat exchanger and the minimum and maximum pressure switches with automatic reset.

The non-faired structure requires a ground installation in covered premises.

The unit fairing option is available to allow external positioning.

All UA-V units are supplied with pressurized helium, pre-loaded with polyester oil and complete with on-board electrical panel.

The panel, positioned to the side of the supporting structure, is completely wired, complete with fuses, insulation transformer and thermal relays for better protection of the compressor.

Easy and simple to use, the on-board control has been designed to control all the functions of the UA-V unit, delivering a versatile, reliable and efficient product.

For a detailed view of the options, see the videocatalogue.