Medium temperature: -15÷-5°C | Low temperature: -35÷-25°C

Power: 0,93÷16,66 kW

On the ground mounting

R404A | R449A | R452A

H: 485÷960 mm | L: 754÷2030 mm | D: 515÷1120 mm


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The models of the UL D series are air-cooled condensing best ac package unit, equipped with a Dorin compressor, designed to be part of systems for commercial and industrial use.

The series is divided into 2 models: ULN for operating temperatures from -5°C to -15°C with nominal consumption from 0.93 kW to 12.45 kW and ULK for operating temperatures from -25°C to -35°C with nominal consumption from 0.93 kW to 16.66 kW.

The power range covered varies from 0.8 kW to over 24 kW, making the UL units extremely versatile elements in in terms of putting together an efficient refrigerating system, which is suitable to meet a wide range of requirements in medium-sized rooms.

All UL-D units are built around a solid and compact sheet steel body to protect the condensing system, which can be easily reached through access panels.

The bodywork protects a reliable, high-performance refrigeration system equipped with a hermetic compressor complete with a crankcase resistance, a condenser equipped with 1 or 2 fans, with an associated control pressure switch, and a thermostatic valve expansion stage.

For both models, the size and power of the compressor supplied are proportional to the size of the UL-D chosen.

The equipment is completed by the solid body filter on the liquid line; liquid indicator, separator and receiver, complete with safety valve in the largest ULN-D models, and the double fixed minimum and maximum calibration with automatic reset to guarantee reliable machine operation.

In the largest models you can place the fan holder panels of the condenser on the body lid, to guarantee a greater prevention of the components that are most at risk.

The standard installation involves placing the UL D units on the ground outside avoiding reductions to the room volume.

The UL-D units are delivered complete with outlet pipes, without taps and flanges, for a quick and easy coupling with the rest of the system.

The electrical panel, suitable for connection to the control external to the room, installed on the side of the body, completes the equipment of an efficient and extremely versatile condensing unit, with a wide range of options for customization through options.

For a detailed view of the options, see the videocatalogue.