Medium temperature: -15÷+0°C | Frosting: -35÷-25°C

Power: 16,20÷206,80 kW

On the floor mounting, internal or external

R404A | R134a | R449A



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The models of the UM-D series are industrial blast chillers, refrigeration units equipped with multiple semi-hermetic compressors in parallel, silenced for industrial use, suitable to meet the requirements of any type of application with working temperatures in the positive, negative and freezing range.

The series is divided into 2 models: UMN-D for operating temperatures from 0°C to -15°C with nominal consumption from 16.20 kW to 206.80 kW and UMK-D for operating temperatures from -15°C to -40°C with nominal consumption from 19.20 kW to 153.52 kW.

All models have been built around a base frame made of pre-painted sheet metal sections with a soundproofed protective cover with simple ashlar and anti-vibration feet in the sub-frame to avoid movement and noise pollution during machine operation.

The 3 or 4 compressors are mounted in parallel having in common the delivery and suction manifold and fixed to the base frame through rubber anti-vibration blocks.

Each compressor is also equipped with the relevant taps in both the delivery and the suction phases.

The oil is controlled through an oil separator and equalizer connected by means of a connection manifold mounted on the compressors’ lights.

1 or 2 oil level indicators are mounted on the equalization manifold, depending on the number of compressors.

The refrigeration system is completed by liquid receivers, equipped with a safety valve, a dehydrating filter, liquid level alarm, sight glass and shut-off taps.

As a standard feature, with a view to increasing efficiency and safety, the UM-D units are equipped with double minimum and maximum pressure switches for general and emergency use that are adjustable and have an automatic reset, 3 pressure switches for controlling the compressors in emergency operation, a minimum pressure detection probe, for controlling the suction capacity, and a double maximum and minimum pressure gauge.

There are also two maximum pressure switches that are adjustable and have an automatic reset, for controlling the remote condenser’s fans.

The standard installation involves placing the UM units on the ground inside or outside with appropriate protection, avoiding significant reductions to the room volume.

The operation of the UM-D units is monitored through an electrical panel placed on one side of the body, while the control unit manages all of the settings centrally.

The panel protected by the closing panels includes the disconnector, the power distribution system and the protections for the compressor via motor protection switches.

The supplied panel is IP 55 equipped with grid and cooling fan.

The door houses the control unit and the signaling lights for emergency situations and the locking system of the minimum and maximum pressure switches, completing the profile of a reliable, safe and versatile refrigerating unit in terms of putti g together a complete and efficient industrial refrigeration system.

For a detailed view of the options, see the videocatalogue.