UM m/r


Medium temperature: -15÷+10°C | Low temperature: -35÷-15°C

Power: 3,10÷13,60 kW

On the ground mounting

R404A | R134a

H: 1.160÷1.900 mm | L: 780÷880 mm | D: 700÷1.000 mm


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The models of the UM m-r series are refrigeration rack system, multi-compressor units called miniracks, ideal for small supermarkets, cafes and hotels.

The series includes 3 models: UMN m-r for medium temperature (temperature range from 10°C to -15°C, power consumption from 4.1 kW to 13.6 kW), UNL m-r for medium temperature with use of R134A or R513A with low GWP (power consumption from 3.1 kW to 8.07 kW) and UMK m-r for low temperatures (temperature range from -15°C to -35°C, power consumption from 3.39 kW to 8.47 kW).

The power range covered varies from 2 kW to over 30 kW in the most powerful models of the UMN m-r series, making this unit an efficient and easily adaptable refrigerating machine in terms of putting together a commercial system, with a high level of performance and suitable for meeting a wide range of requirements.

The goal is a product that is suitable for connection on site, complete with all the components, controls and safety device.

The 3 compressors supplied are of hermetic type.

Quick installation, compact structure, operating efficiency and life cycle duration are the main features of the UM m-r units.

The microprocessor controller allows precise and functional diagnostics completing the profile of a versatile and efficient refrigerating machine.

For a detailed view of the options, see the videocatalogue.