Medium temperature: -15÷-5°C

Power: 7,81÷11,00 kW

On the ground mounting


Condenser H: 960 mm | L: 1630 mm | D: 1120 mm


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The models of the UN-H series are air-cooled industrial chiller units, equipped with a Maneurup compressor, designed to be part of systems for commercial and industrial use.

The series is available in UNN-H 4600 and UNN-H 4800 versions with a temperature range covered from -5°C to -15°C and power consumption from 7.81 kW to 11 kW.

The power range covered varies from 7.8 kW to over 20 kW, contributing, together with the construction features, to making the UN-H units particularly versatile machines in terms of putting together an efficient industrial system suitable to meet a wide range of requirements.

The UN-H units are assembled from a sturdy steel sheet body provided with condenser fan holder panels that can be installed both on the front side and on the unit’s lid. A side panel, which can be easily reached even when the machine is running, houses pressure switches, service outlets and any pressure gauges.

The compact body protects a high-performance and reliable refrigeration system, equipped with a hermetic compressor complete with crankcase resistance, condenser with relevant fan equipped with a pressure switch for condensation control and a thermostatic valve expansion stage.

The equipment is completed by the solid body filter on the liquid line, indicator, separator and liquid receiver complete with relevant safety valve and adjustable minimum and maximum calibration pressure switches with automatic reset.

The installation involves placing the UN-H units on the ground outside avoiding reductions to the room volume.

It includes the guides for the lifting forks in the lower part of the bodywork.

The anti-snow protection kit is available as an option to guarantee efficient machine operation in the event of external positioning and exposure to bad weather.

The pipe connection fittings are made using pipe fittings or weld-on flanges.

The electrical panel, suitable for connection to the external control of the room, completes the equipment of a powerful and versatile condensing unit, with potential for customization through a wide range of options.

For a detailed view of the options, see the videocatalogue.