Medium temperature: -5÷+5°C | Low temperature: -25÷-18°C

Power: 3,12÷10,10 kW

Wall mounting


Condenser H: 860÷980 mm | L: 760÷1640 mm | D: 420÷450 mm
Evaporator H: 553 mm | L: 1180÷1780 mm | D: 670 mm


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The models of the CB series are bi block-type refrigerating machines, economical to manage and compact in size, designed for applications in small-medium rooms for commercial use.

The series is divided into 2 models: CBN for medium temperature (from -5°C to +5°C, maximum room volume 170 m³) and CBK for low temperatures (from -18°C to -25°C, maximum room volume 199 m³).

The cooling power range varies from 2.3 kW to 11.2 kW, meeting the requirements of any small-medium room.

The CS split structure allows the separate assembly of the 2 components, the evaporator and the condensing unit, allowing the user a choice of flexible installation with respect to the monoblock solutions.

All CB models are built around a solid and compact sheet steel body to protect the condensing unit, which is equipped as standard with a hermetic compressor, an air condenser cooled by 2 or 3 fans regulated by the pressure switch for the fans, and a thermostatic valve expansion stage.

The condensing unit requires a buffer mounting on the external wall while the evaporator, equipped with two or three fans, is located on the ceiling inside the room avoiding reductions to the volume of the internal environment.

The system is completed by the pre-loaded refrigerant pipes complete with rapid connections for linking the 2 components, ensuring a quick installation and a user-friendly maintenance.

The standard equipment includes indicator, liquid separator and receiver complete with safety valve, solid body filter on the liquid line and double minimum and maximum calibration pressure switch with automatic reset while the defrosting process is electrical.

The process of removing the condensation water takes place using a discharge pipe between the evaporator and the condensing unit with subsequent collection in the appropriate basin or disposal outside of the room.

Equipped with an electronic control unit that has a wall-mounted remote panel and suitable for connection to the room light and the micro- port, the CB units feature efficient centralized control during operation, which can be comfortably customized to complete the profile of a reliable refrigerating machine, which is versatile and economical to manage.