Medium temperature: -5÷+5°C | Low temperature: -25÷-18°C
Multi-purpose temperature: -25÷-5°C | Congelamento: -45÷-30°C

Power: 0,75÷3,40 kW

On the ground mounting

R404A | R134a | R452A | R449A

Condenser H: 485÷960 mm | L: 745÷2030 mm | D: 515÷965 mm
Evaporator H: 272÷880 mm | L: 610÷1780 mm | D: 460÷610 mm


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The models of the LB series are split refrigerant machines. This units are versatile and reliable, designed for applications in small-medium rooms for commercial and industrial use.

The series includes 12 models: LBNH, LBLH, LBNS and LBNN for medium temperatures (from -5°C to +5°C, room volume from 4 m³ to over 500 m³), LBKH, LBVH, LBKS and LBKN for low temperatures (from -18°C at -25°C, room volume from 2 m³ to over 450 m³) and LBXB and LBXN for freezing systems (from -45° to -25°C).

The LB units are also available in a multi-purpose version in the LBQS and LBQN models: units that allow a special construction that enables the room to be used both in medium and in low temperature (from +5°C to -25°C, maximum room volume 450 m³).

The cooling power range of the product varies from 0.6 kW to over 28 kW, allowing the LB to meet multiple user’s requirements while ensuring an efficient and adequate operation in small and especially medium-sized rooms.

The split-type structure allows the separate assembly of the two components, the evaporator the and condensing unit, allowing greater flexibility compared to the monoblock models during installation.

The LS units are built around a solid and compact steel sheet body to protect the condensing unit intended for an external location with adequate protection against atmospheric effects.

The bodywork protects a reliable and high-performance refrigeration system equipped with a hermetic, semi-hermetic or two-stage semi-hermetic compressor for the freezing temperature models, a condenser equipped with 1 or 2 fans with an associated control pressure switch and a thermostatic valve refrigerant expansion stage.

The split structure of the LB units requires an external installation on the ground for the condensing unit while the evaporator equipped with 1 or 2 fans and a resistance for the fan nozzle on the LBQS models, is located on the ceiling inside the room avoiding sensitive reductions to the volume of the refrigerated environment.

The system is completed by the pipes leaving the condenser and evaporator without taps and flanges for connecting the two components, ensuring quick installation and easy maintenance for the user.

The standard equipment of the LB units includes the solid body filter on the liquid line, liquid indicator, separator and receiver complete with safety valve for the largest LBN models and the double minimum and maximum calibration pressure switch with automatic reset to guarantee reliable machine operation.

The LBNS, LBKS and LBKN models also have a crankcase resistance and a thermistor relay on the compressor for a preventative action in the event of overheating and failure of the latter.

The defrosting system is electric by means of resistance, while the condensation water is removed through a discharge pipe between the evaporator and the condenser with subsequent disposal outside the room.

Equipped with an electronic control unit that has an electric panel on the condensing unit, the LB units are provided with a remote panel on the wall, suitable for connection to the light and to the micro-port of the room, to guarantee a centralized and customizable operation in the settings, helping to outline the profile of a versatile, efficient and economical refrigerating system.