Medium temperature: -5÷+5°C | Low temperature: -25÷-18°C
Multi-purpose temperature: -25÷+5°C | Frosting: -40÷-30°C

Power: 7,64÷97,66 kW

On the ground mounting

R404A | R449A

Condenser H: 960÷1390 mm | L: 1665÷3160 mm | D: 965÷1173 mm
Evaporator H: 705÷880 mm | L: 1200÷1780 mm | D: 890 mm


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The models of the NB series are mini split refrigerant machines, equipped with large capacities and reliable in operation, designed for applications in medium-large sized rooms for industrial use.

The series includes 10 models: NBNH, NBNNH, NBNS and NBNNS for medium temperatures (from -5°C to +5°C, room volume from 140 m³ to over 2500 m³), NBKS, NBKN for low temperatures (from -18°C to -25°C, room volume from 110 m³ to over 2000 m³) and NBXB and NBXN models for freezing systems (from -45°C to -25°C).

The NB units are also available in a multi-purpose version of the NBQS and NBQN models: units that allow a special construction that enabled the room to be used both in medium and low temperature (from 5°C to -25°C, maximum volume 2500 m³).

The cooling power range of the product varies from 8 kW to over 110 kW, allowing the NB a great versatility of use to meet all the requirements of any room of medium and especially large dimensions.

All NB units are built around a resistant steel sheet body that protects the condensing unit positioned outside the room (without the strict need for protection against atmospheric effects).

The solid bodywork protects a reliable and high-performance refrigeration system equipped with a hermetic, semi-hermetic or two-stage semi-hermetic compressor for the freezing temperature models, a condenser equipped with 1 or 2 fans with an associated control pressure switch and a thermostatic valve refrigerant expansion stage.

The system is completed by the pre-loaded refrigerant pipes, which connect the condensing and the evaporator equipped as standard with quick connection fittings, allowing simple installation and easy maintenance for the user.

The standard equipment of the NB units includes liquid indicator, separator and receiver complete with safety valve, compressor crankcase resistance and condenser fan holder panels that can be installed on the unit’s lid.

It includes the double maximum and minimum calibration pressure switches with automatic reset and the thermistor relay on the compressor to guarantee reliable and safe machine operation.

The models for the freezing systems are delivered complete with resistance on the nozzle of the evaporator fans and complete with oil separator, elements that effectively help to safeguard the system at such low operating temperatures.

The defrosting system is electric while the condensation water is removed through a discharge pipe between the evaporator and the condenser with subsequent disposal outside the room.

Equipped with an electronic control unit and an alarm module on the condensing units, the NB units are provided with a remote panel, suitable for connection to the light and the micro-port of the room to guarantee a centralized and customizable operation in the settings, helping to outline the profile of a powerful and efficient refrigerating machine characterized by versatile applications.