Operating temperature: +1÷+20°C

Power consumption: 1,35÷3,09 kW | Cooling power: 2,44÷5,86 kW

Mounted with condenser on floor


Condenser H: 529÷537 mm | L: 511÷675 mm | D: 716÷809 mm
Evaporator H: 300÷450 mm | L: 710 mm | D: 670 mm


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The models of the RH series, in a split version, are freeze dry machine / refrigeration units for drying and preserving cured meats and cheeses in small and medium-sized rooms for commercial use.

The RH units are called “mini-conditioners” for their constant and detailed control of the temperature and humidity levels during operation.

The working range includes operating temperatures from +8° to +20° (RHY version) or from +1° to +20° (RHZ version) while the range of achievable humidity varies from 60% to 80%.

The RH series is available in 4 models with different power and dimensions: RH 2100 (cooling power 2.4 kW, room volume 5m³ for drying and 22m³ for aging), RH 3120 (cooling power 2.9 kW, room volume 7m³ for drying and 28m³ for aging), RH 3150 (cooling power 4 kW, room volume 10m³ for drying and 40m³ for aging) and RH 4200 (cooling power 4.9 kW, room volume 12m³ for drying and 50m³ for aging).

All RH models can reproduce personalized drying and aging cycles, guaranteeing production in all seasons with any external climatic variation.

The split structure allows the evaporator and condenser to be mounted separately, ensuring the user a flexible choice of installation, overcoming all the problems deriving from the lack of space that prevent the mounting of the monoblock on the room wall.

The condensing unit is protected by a compact and functional body in galvanized steel sheet and is equipped with removable panels for easy access to the internal components, including the hermetic compressor, complete with motor protection, thermostatic valve expansion system and condenser equipped with 4-pole fan and speed variator for optimal condensation pressure.

The condenser is completed with the liquid receiver along with taps, like the condenser and compressor, alarm light and safety valve for adjusting and controlling the inflowing and outflowing liquid.

The evaporating unit is supplied with pressurized nitrogen and is equipped with a directional grid, with fins which can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically for a uniform distribution of the air inside the room.

Air delivery channeling upon request.

The RH split units are supplied already loaded with refrigerant and complete with liquid separator with exchanger and heat recovery in copper tube and aluminum fin, dehydrating filter and minimum and maximum calibration pressure switch, fixed or adjustable with automatic reset.

A distinctive element of the RH is the humidification-dehumidification system, which is required for the implementation of the drying and preservation cycles.

Regulated directly by an electronic control unit, the operation of the humidity control system with electrical resistors is based on the water automatically introduced by the water network to which the machine is connected.

The dehumidification phase precedes a recovery post-heating process while the temperature inside the room is regulated through electric heating.

The quick and easy split installation reduces assembly time and costs by requiring only the holes for the connection pipes between the condensing part placed outside the room and the internal evaporating part placed on the ceiling.

The standard equipment is completed with the electrical panel with safety fuses, the power cable (maximum 3m) and the cable with probe-holder panel (maximum 5m) for the precise monitoring of the humidity and temperature levels inside the whole room.

The RH functions are easily programmable and customizable by means of a practical control unit with remote control panel for adjusting temperature, humidity, operating and stopping times, completing the profile of an efficient and highly accurate appliance, which is suitable for meeting the specific requirements of the products and the user.

The options available for the RH can be checked in the videocatalogue.